10 Great Facebook Timelines for Pages

I’ve been noticing some great uses of the new Facebook Timeline for Pages. Here’s 10 unique takes, each showcasing what’s best about their brand.

Pittsburgh Penguins

One look at this page and I get all giddy inside at the thought of the playoffs (never mind they’re currently down 3-0 against the Flyers).


I like the creative use of this space. UPMC doesn’t limit themselves to one image, but instead uses multiple images to reach each of their audiences. Everyone can find at least one image they relate to.


NBC’s show Smash is one of my new favorites. I love the use of their branding, from the “S” to the signature image. Also, notice the lower right corner of the image where they include the day and time the show airs and added “To get the latest news in your feed” with an arrow pointing to the “Like” button. Brilliant!

Project Runway

Pretty much anything with Tim Gunn will make me happy, but I like the use of the two main “stars” of Project Runway. It’s simple, sophisticated and coordinates well with the logo.

The Motherhood

The Motherhood is a mommy blog, so it’s target audience is, obviously, moms. I like the personalization of the image, which is showing the blog’s founders. They look like they could be my friends, which is great for promoting their brand.

Miss Representation

Miss Representation is a documentary about the way women are portrayed by the media. Their purpose is to inspire, and this use of this quote does just that. You immediately know that they are activists.

Meg Cabot

Meg Cabot is one of my favorite authors. She wrote The Princess Diaries and writes young adult and adult fiction. I like the use of her image as their profile, coupled with the Timeline image that promotes her two upcoming books. I immediately know that Size 12 and Ready to Rock will be out in July (and I can’t wait to read it!).

Hines Ward

One look at this image and you know that this is the page of a Steeler (or, more accurately, former Steeler, sniff). The gold curtain behind Hines hints at both his Dancing with the Stars appearance as well as any upcoming media work he may be pursuing. I also like the snapshot on the right of his achievements. I quickly know who he is and what he’s done.

How I Met Your Mother

This is another great combination of using their branding and their stars. I also love the use of the red bar at the bottom with the day and time the show airs. It’s great to let your audience know right away when to watch your show. I also want to know what they’re looking at… are they watching something funny?

Burgh Baby

Burgh Baby is a great Pittsburgh mommy blog that I adore. This is a great use of multiple images of Michelle’s daughter Alexis. If you are a regular reader, you recognize them immediately, and if you’re not, they’re inviting and make you want to learn more.

What good uses of Facebook Timeline for Pages have you seen? Please share them below.

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