10 Tips to Enhance Your Facebook Page

10 Tips To Enhance Your Facebook Page

As your organization’s Facebook page reach has declined (which is on account of more competition, according to Facebook), it still remains the most popular social networking site, with 71% of adults who are online visiting it. That’s more than twice the amount of adults than those who visit LinkedIn (28%), Pinterest (28%), Instagram (26%), and Twitter (23%) – check out the full Social Media Update 2014 from PewResearchCenter.

So what does that mean for those of us who manage Facebook pages? Well, we need to use every tool we have to make those pages and posts count. Here are 10 tips to help you enhance your Facebook Page.

1. Utilize Call to Action

Facebook recently added a new Call to Action button on the cover image of a page. You’ll notice on your cover image a Create Call-to-Action button. There are 7 options that will take a visitor to your website: Book Now, Contact Us, Use App, Play Game, Show Now, Sign Up, and Watch Video. Pick the one that is the most useful to your brand, then add the appropriate website – and mobile website if you have a separate one.

2. Add a Featured Video

This is a feature that I didn’t even realize existed until recently when I saw this on GoldieBlox’s Facebook page. It appears on the left column under the About heading. To add a video, go to the Video tab on your Facebook page, then click on the button Add Featured Video. Note that you have to already have uploaded the video to Facebook.

3. Add Apps

Also in the left column is a list of apps, which allows you to link to other social media sites, such as Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. To add an app, find the app’s Facebook page by doing a search. On the cover photo, click the three dots to the right of the Share button, then select “Like as your page.” This will open a new window where you can select the Facebook page.

4. Customize App Images and Names

Now that you’ve added apps, change the default images to images that reflect your brand. On your page, go to Settings > Apps > Edit Settings (under each app name). Click on Change next to Custom Tab Image and upload a branded image (Canva is a useful tool if you don’t have PhotoShop). To change the name of the app add what you would like it to be in the Custom Tab Name field. Be sure to Save!

5. Add Link to Cover Image

After you’ve uploaded a cover image, click on the image and add a link to your website in the description. Anytime a visitor clicks on the cover image, the link will be available for them to learn more about your organization.

6. Share Blog/News by RSS Feed

Create an RSS feed to automatically post your news feed and/or blog feed right to your social media channels. Many will give you the option to add some pre-text, such as “New blog post:”. The bonus of these services is that you can also track how many clicks you get. The downside is that some sites, such as Facebook, don’t show these as often as posts made natively on their page. You need to consider the positives and negatives. I like not having to worry about posting it everywhere.

7. Post Branded, Timely Images

Images are shared more often on Facebook and Twitter, and then there’s Instagram and Pinterest that require an image. Take a step beyond posting images and make sure your images are branded with your logo and/or website. In addition to images related ti a blog post, also post timely images that relate to current events, such as a relevant quote.

8. Respond to Comments and Messages

Respond to comments on posts. You don’t need to respond to every one, but every once and a while is nice, particularly if a post is generating a lot of comments. Always answer questions that appear both in comments and in messages. You’ll be surprised at how grateful people are when you simply answer a question. Bonus: if you are getting the same questions over and over, you need to make this information more accessible, either on your Facebook page or website.

9. Comment, Share & Like on Other Pages

This is a little more time-consuming, but important. On Facebook you can post as your organization (switch between you and your page using the arrow on the upper right of Facebook). Find relevant pages and posts to comment on, like and share. This gets your brand out there.

10. Complete About Section

The About section is one of those that is easily overlooked. Once you set up your page, you tend to forget about it. Take another look and make sure it’s completed. You should have a website, an address (if you have a physical location), phone number, and email address. As you win awards, add them here. Post your hours if you have them The more information you can include, the easier it is for visitors to learn more about you.

Have you done all of these? Any more tips to add? Let me know in the comments.

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