31 Days of Geocaching

The month of August is 31 Days of Geocaching, so to celebrate my geocaching anniversary, I decided to take on the challenge. For 12 days now, I have found one geocache a day. The kids have helped me on some, and on others I’ve been on my own; it depends on the timing. Since they love geocaching, it’s been fun for us all.


This challenge has been extra challenging for me since my foot has not been 100%. The first few days in August I wasn’t able to drive, so I was fortunate my husband and mom were willing to help me get those first few finds. I’ve been limited to caches that are park and grabs – caches that are pretty close to a parking area. Walking on uneven ground is difficult, so I’ve been very limited by the areas where I can cache.

The hardest day was when the first cache I looked for went missing and the second was on a path that was too difficult for me to climb. I ended up going for a third cache, which I was able to find without too much difficulty, but I sure was frustrated by that point!

Some geocachers have lengthy strategies. Mine has been to find caches where I am. If I need to take the kids to TaeKwonDo, I find a cache in that area. At the mall? That’s where I’m caching. So far it’s worked out and I’m 12 for 12.

It’s been a fun little challenge, and every day I love seeing the new souvenir I’ve earned (which is simply an image commemorating the event). I am hopeful that by the end of the month my foot will be well enough to tackle some of the more difficult terrain caches (basically anything a two and higher).

If you haven’t tried geocaching yet, this is a great time to start!


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