4 Down, 9 to Go

Yesterday my summer vacation started when I submitted the final paper for my class Audience Insight. This is the first time I’ve taken two classes in a row, and it was rough. 18 weeks of class on top of work and family was difficult for everyone. My kids were just as ready for me to be done as I was.

The good news is that I am really enjoying my classes. So far I’ve taken 4: Introduction to IMC, Digital Storytelling, Marketing Research, and Audience Insight. Each class has been very different and I have learned so much. My only disappointment is that I can’t spend more time with my schoolwork. But so far I have all A’s (I’m waiting for my final grade for Audience Insight, but so far I have an A), so that counts for something!

I am very much looking forward to the summer. I have decided to take a break and won’t start classes again until August. I’m planning on taking 3 classes a year from now on out, one in the fall and two back-to-back in the spring. One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned, outside of the classwork, is that I need to go into a session prepared. My house really needs to be in order and I need to plan ahead as much as possible. I had grand plans to get ready for my spring classes over Winter Break, only to spend a week at Children’s Hospital with my daughter for an asthma episode. Right now my house is a complete disaster! Everything has piled up, from paperwork to clothes to dust. We’ve managed to do *just* enough to get by, and it shows! People often say to me “I don’t know how you do it.” Well, the secret is a patient husband and a messy house.

I look forward to having time to blog again (I just get wiped out between so much reading and writing during classes). I plan to back-post some bigger events (such as our stint in Children’s Hospital) so keep an eye out for those! I also plan to share some insights gained from my classes. It’s going to be a great summer!

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