5 Awesome Things About Obama’s BuzzFeed Video

If you aren’t one of the 30 million (and counting) people who has watched BuzzFeed’s video Things Everyone Does But Doesn’t Talk About, I suggest you do so promptly.

Here are 5 Awesome Things about this video.


This video conveniently dropped February 12, just 3 days before the February 15 deadline to sign up for healthcare.

It’s Funny

My favorite part of this is when Obama says “Thanks Obama” when something doesn’t go right. How can you not appreciate him poking fun of himself?

It Shows Obama Gets It

This video makes Obama look like a real person. That’s not always easy to do with the President. It’s the 2015 version of Clinton playing the sax on Arsenio Hall in 1992.

It’s Sharable

I think it’s very interesting that BuzzFeed decided to post this video on Facebook instead on YouTube. Considering that, according to Pew Internet Research, 77% of Internet users are on Facebook, compared to 63% on YouTube,  this is a logical choice. Although YouTube would be a great place too.

It’s Transparent

This video doesn’t try to pretend it isn’t about healthcare.gov. It says so right in the description. I give Obama and his team props for finding a very entertaining way to promote the website and deadline.
What do you think of Obama’s viral video hit?

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