5 Nonprofits That Are Rocking Images On Facebook

Take a look at some nonprofit organizations that are using images to promote their organizations. We’ve seen studies that show that Facebook posts with images are shared far more than those with just words, links, videos, or albums. But what types of images are nonprofit organizations posting? I’m taking a look at 5 nonprofits who are rocking images on Facebook. Enjoy, and share your examples in the comments.

Girl Scouts

As a lifelong Girl Scout, and now the mother of a Girl Scout, this is one of my favorite organizations. They understand their audience – primarily moms and their daughters – and use images to appeal to them and to promote girl empowerment.

Quotes are very popular, and they included their logo simply.


A great way to promote a contest. AND now I’m hungry!



I love this Valentine’s Day image. Although they don’t include any branding,Girl Scout cookies are so recognizable, they don’t have to.


Statistics are a great way to share important information quickly.IMG_0999

March of Dimes

The March of Dimes supports premature babies and their mothers, which makes for great images! Who doesn’t love a cute little baby face?

This image does double-duty to promote the March of Dimes fundraising event. I adore the image of this real mom and daughter. I just want to pinch those little cheeks!


This Valentine’s Day message is so sweet. Look at the baby on the right, looking up at Mommy. Adorable!IMG_1003

Another sweet Valentine. I love how they subtly include their logo without making it center stage.IMG_1006

A very simple message. This one is so easy to share.IMG_1004

Animal Rescue League Shelter & Wildlife Center

There are two levels of adorableness on the Internet: babies and animals. The Animal Rescue League has the animal market down pat.

How can you not adore those ears? The Animal Rescue League partners with a local law firm to cover the adoption fees. A great partnership and a win-win for both (and that sweet doggy face!).


This list wouldn’t be complete without cats. So, here you go, two adorable sisters!IMG_0989


UNICEF advocates for children around the world. Some of these topics are very difficult to deal with, and UNICEF does an admirable job of finding the right balance.

As a mother, this image breaks my heart. This boy looks to be about my son’s age, and I couldn’t imagine his childhood being taken away from him. Great pull on the heart strings!


This is a great combination of statistics and imagery. The style and the content go well together, and I like that, while it’s a very startling statistic, the presentation makes it easier to take.

An amazing Valentine’s Day message from UNICEF. I love how they turn this holiday around by using the #IDONT hashtag. Another heart sting pulled!IMG_0992

Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank

This local organization distributes nearly 2 million pounds of food yearly throughout Southwestern Pennsylvania. They do such important work, and their Facebook page shows it.

This image does a great job of giving all of the W’s in an appealing way.


Sharing photos from the community both recognizes your volunteers and encourages others to take action.

This is a nice, simple way to both thank advocates and announce the passing of this bill.IMG_1008

Do you have any great examples? Share them in the comments below!

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