6 Steps to Real-Time Content Marketing

Real-time content marketing is taking a current event or trending topic and putting your own spin on it. How do you do that? Here’s your guide in 6 easy steps.

1. Monitor

You need to know what’s trending and what’s in the news. Twitter is one of the easiest ways to do this. Follow news sources, and organizations and people in your field to stay on top of current events. Checking Twitter’s trending topics is very easy, as it is listed right on Twitter. I also use Hootsuite to look at trending topics, both across all of Twitter and locally, as well as to create lists based on topics and fields.

2. Pick

Now that you know what people are talking about, find a news story or trending topic that relates to your organization, or that you can make your own spin on.

3. Connect

Take your article or topic and connect it to your organization in a meaningful way. If #TheDress is trending, how can you relate to it? Do you sell clothing? Remake the outfit (in both colors!) using your items. Are you a photographer? Explain how lighting might make the dress appear as different colors. Are you a school? Have a science teacher explain the why the dress is viewed differently (actually, I did this for Shady Side and was very pleased with the blog post written by one of our science teachers).

4. Research

Research the heck out of your topic. Make sure it’s appropriate. Never EVER use a hashtag without completely understanding what it is and why it’s trending. Hashtags can be deceiving, and you don’t want to embarrass your organization. If you are asking someone else in your organization to write a blog post, make sure they are the right person.

5. Write

You’re armed with your topic, how you are going to connect it to your organization, and you’ve researched it. Now comes the fun part – writing your content! This can be a simple Twitter or Facebook post, or a lengthier blog post. It all depends on the topic and how it is most appropriate for you to share your insights. I always suggest combining it with an image that is branded with your organization.

6. Share

The scariest part is posting. Go ahead and do it – you’ve done your homework and you have great, timely content. Get it out there!

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  • Keith Quesenberry commented on March 6, 2015 Reply

    Great advice Dana. Being current is especially important for engagement.

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