Oreo and Johnson’s

This week we talked about ads that received a lot of “buzz” and evoked emotional reactions. I selected the Oreo Super Bowl Blackout Twitter post and Johnson’s Baby commercial “You’re Doing OK, Mom!”

Oreo Super Bowl Blackout Ad

The ad that probably received the most buzz from the 2013 Super Bowl was one that was spontaneous. During the blackout, Oreo tweeted “Power out? No problem” with a picture of an Oreo cookie on a mostly black background with the tagline “You Can Still Dunk In The Dark.”

The feelings the ad was trying to convey were humor and inclusion, a sort of we’re-in-this-with-you-so-let’s-laugh message (and have a cookie!). The ad hit the target with great precision. From a social media standpoint, it was pure genius. Simple, yet effective. It conveyed the intended message, took advantage of the 34 minutes that the entire nation was trying to fill with something, and was retweeted 10,000 times in an hour.

Johnson’s Baby “You’re Doing OK, Mom!” Commercial

This one-minute commercial opens with a close-up of hands turning water knobs followed by a bath being drawn before switching to wider shots of mothers with their babies, starting with babies getting bathes, then other mommy-baby moments. There’s a male voice-over, which is from the “baby,” telling his “mom” that she’s doing a good job. It’s a bit humorous, with the voice-over asking “I can call you mom, right?” and referencing a “strained carrots incident,” as well as sweet, saying “you seem like a real keeper” and “I want you to know how much I appreciate you.” The commercial is shot in more of a documentary style. It’s not glossy and over-produced, but looks and feels like real moments were captured.

The marketer is trying to elicit feelings of love, nostalgia, reassurance, and perhaps anticipation. Perception is a big factor in which emotions are conveyed, since soon-to-be moms will look at this commercial with anticipation of things to come, new moms will be able to relate to it and feel like they’re not alone, and moms of older children (children more than two years-old) will relate to this with nostalgia. The commercial certainly succeeds in pulling on the heartstrings. As the mother of two school-age children, this commercial makes me want to reconsider having a third! It highlights all of the happy, touching moments of being a mom, while also recognizing that it’s not easy without talking down to the audience.

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