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Apparently I’m raising Superman, because my son doesn’t know his own strength. I’m not sure if it’s the taekwondo or the fact that he doesn’t pay attention, but while trying to pull the button on the faucet up for the shower (instead of down for the tub) he pulled the faucet right out of the wall.

I don’t know exactly what happened since my husband was in the bathroom with him, but I like to imagine the water started shooting out of the wall, with Buddy trying frantically to stop it. Based on my not-soaked bathroom this morning, I suspect that’s not what happened.

I stumbled out of bed after my husband gave me the bad news, took one look at my hair, and knew it needed to be washed. I spent twice as much time filling a bucket in the sink and standing in the shower to get clean, then leaning over the tub to wash my hair. The entire time I was very thankful that we are on summer hours at work and I didn’t have to worry about catching a school bus. It does make me very thankful to have running water, a shower, and a job that is a little more relaxed in the summer.

I was, however thankful, a bit crankier than usual. Some people need their morning coffee, I need my morning shower. Without that quiet time, I am not a happy camper in the morning. I’ve gotten used to the kids’ disruptions, but without being able to stand in a nice warm shower and prepare for my day, I was edgier than usual.

Which lead to this comment: “You broke my heart a little when you yelled at me.” Which broke my heart a little to hear.

My son does not understand the concept of privacy. Or, rather, he gets the concept, but not the practice. We have told him repeatedly that I want and need privacy in the bathroom. So he knows to knock, but he’s not so good at listening to anything afterwards. This morning I shooed him out, knowing that I’d be all over the bathroom between the sink and the tub while I refilled the bucket I had. A minute later he knocks and walk in, and I told him to leave, that I asked for privacy. Another minute later he knocks and walks in AGAIN,. That did not go well. I admit it, I yelled. Loudly. He had already been told twice, plus I was trying to adjust to not getting my morning shower. I didn’t yell at him for breaking the shower, since I know that was an accident, but being repeatedly barged in on was not OK with me.

I do feel bad that he was upset. He’s a sensitive kid, and it really bothers him when I yell (which I don’t do very often). But he does need to understand boundaries and privacy.

Now we have to decide what to do about the shower. We are planning to update both bathrooms. Our bathroom downstairs has a shower and tub but we don’t use it. It needs a new faucet and shower head, which we have, but never installed. I don’t know how hard it will be to replace the faucet upstairs. I don’t want to spend a lot of money on something that we’re going to tear out in the fairly near future anyway, but we are not prepared to replace the whole thing right now. We are squarely in the research phase.

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