An Adopted Girl, Long Ago Lost, Is Found

Every family has its secrets. Eventually the skeletons can’t be contained in the closet any more and tumble right out. This family’s secret was a baby girl who was given up for adoption nearly 60 years ago.

There were only a few people in this family who knew the truth. Their secret was buried deep inside, only a single piece of evidence remained. A birth certificate that came to light one day, long after those who knew the secret passed away.

A birth certificate that lead to an Internet search. Countless adoption websites were poured over, record after record reviewed, until one day, finally, there was a match. A woman, with the same birth date, born at the same hospital. And a name. A name that lead to an address. A Pittsburgh address.

A letter was written, a phone call was made, and a family was made whole again.

Me, I get a new aunt and three new cousins.

I can’t wait to meet them.

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