Our Annual Family Election

Every year on Election Day we have a family election. Jonathan and I select the topic (last year it was restaurants) and the kids each choose their “official.” This year we choose ice cream shops. Buddy selected Glen’s, a local place, and Sassafras selected Brusters.

In the past we have written the choices on a poster, then on ballots, but this year I asked each of them to think of 3 points to convince us why we should vote for their official. Jonathan helped the kids with their points and then we settled in for the debate.

Sassafras’ points were that Brusters has more flavors of sherbert and sorbet (she’s allergic to dairy, so ice cream isn’t an option for her). Buddy’s points were about how why we shouldn’t vote for Brusters, rather than why we should vote for Glen’s.

In the end, Brusters won, 3-1. We told Buddy the reason he lost was because he was a mud slinger. He found that pretty amusing, but he also understands that he can’t just say why we shouldn’t vote for the other guy, but need concrete reasons why we should vote for him.

I hope you took the time to vote vote today. At around 7 p.m. the hubster and I were the 200th and 201st voters, and that’s just sad.

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