Apple is on Top Again!

I just saw an article that caught my eye – World’s Most Valuable Brands.

Apple has topped the list, with Google biting at its heals, although behind by more than $70 billion (and yes, that’s a “b”). This battle is interesting considering the Apple vs. Android war that is raging. Personally, I love my iPhone and iPad. I had a Droid and it didn’t thrill me. I was very happy to leave it for an iPhone. I think Apple is stronger here because their product is consistent, whereas Google has allowed anyone and everyone to build off of their operating system. Both of my kids and Kindles, and it’s confusing. I know there are Android apps available, but they aren’t in Amazon’s store. I just don’t have time to be virtually running all over the place trying to figure it out. With Apple, it’s easy. I like that.

The rest of the brands aren’t very surprising: IBM, McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, AT&T, Microsoft, Marlboro (OK, that one surprised me), Visa, and China Mobile (another surprise!). For the most part, these are brands that have dominated for some time.

Are there any surprises for you? Any that you expected to see but are missing?

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