Back to School

It’s official, school has begun! Tomorrow is Orientation Day, Sass’s first day in the classroom with her new classmates and teachers. It’s also Buddy’s first day back, but not a real day, since he is a buddy with a new student. He’ll escort the new boy to class and help him get a hand of the ropes. The boys got together over the weekend to play, and Sass, as a new student, met up with her buddy last week. It’s a great program to help alleviate those first day butterflies for new students.

Sass has been having a bit of a rough time with the concept of kindergarten. I think it seems big and scary to her. She was very comfortable in her day care. I’m really happy I had her go to summer camp at Shady Side so she could get to know some of her classmates, but also to get her used to a new place. She’s like me (in oh, so many ways), she has a hard time with change. It’s the fear of the unknown. We are so alike in that way.

The biggest challenge so far has been the dress code because apparently I’m raising a fashionista who is very vocal when it comes to her attire. I showed her the pants, shorts and skirts (in khaki and navy) and she declared she’s not wearing the pants or shorts, so I should just take them back. I showed her the shirts (collared, in white, navy and yellow – well, if I could find them in yellow) and she said “That’s IT?!?” When I told her she could also wear dresses she was all for that (this is a girl who wore dresses and skirts to summer camp almost every day – no shorts for her!) until I showed the jumper (khaki and navy – see a theme here?).

Bless her heart, she tried to look on the bright side.

“At least I get to wear my sandals!” she declared.

Sigh. “Sorry, sweetie, you have to wear sneakers.”

Pause. “Even if it’s hot outside? What if my feet get hot?” “Even then.”

She pondered some more. “Well, I can wear my princess socks!” Triumph! Or not.

“No, honey, you have to wear white socks.” Foiled again.

“Well, I can wear my necklaces!” Ha, she’s thought of everything!

Crap. “Oh, honey, you’re not allowed to wear jewelry.” Her little face looked at me with such disbelief. So I happily told her she could wear whatever she wants in her hair – head bands, barrettes, hows, braids, ponytails – the hair is where it’s at!

This may seem like a great option, except Sass won’t let me DO anything to her hair. She barely lets me brush it. While she owns tons of head bands and barrettes, they rarely last more than 30 minutes in her hair. She has this gorgeous blond hair that I’m dying to adorn with accessories (that’s part of the fun of having a girly girl), and she’ll have none of it. Until now. I think I’ve finally got her, because she’s now letting me braid her hair and put it in ponytails and pigtails. Success!

I’m confident once she goes to school and sees all the girls wearing the same thing, she’ll be fine. But I also know she’s going to LOVE dress-down days, and I guarantee she’ll wear a dress or skirt every single time.


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