Book Review: The Hallo-Wiener

I was very happy when my son received a gift card to Barnes and Noble, because I love books, my kids love books, and I love that they love books. Our house is a big book love fest.

Buddy picked up a few Halloween themed books, including The Hallo-Wiener. It’s a cute story about a little wiener dog who was teased by the other dogs because of the way he looked. He was super excited about Halloween because he was going to dress up as something scary and earn some respect from the other dogs. Then mom stepped in and bought him a hot dog costume and his dreams of normalcy went down the drain.

I won’t ruin the rest of it for you, but it’s a very sweet story about being yourself and being brave. There’s also the lesson of what it’s like to be teased by other kids for being different and can open up some conversations with your kids. I like that there are some nods for the parents, such as the dog, whose name is Oscar. While they never mention the dog’s last name, his mailbox has Meyer on it. I like kids books that have a little humor for the adults.

I’d love to hear some of your family’s favorite Halloween books, for you or your kids.

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