Book Thursday: Something Blue

Last week I reviewed Something Borrowed, a book that followed Rachel. This time it’s Darcy’s turn.

Something Blue by Emily Giffin

Something Blue

Something Blue picks up where Something Borrowed left off, except this time Darcy is telling the story. Things always came easy for Darcy because of her beauty. She always had the hotter guys and her pick of friends, so when her fiance Dex leaves her for her best friend Rachel, she’s shocked. To make matters worse, she’s also pregnant – with another man’s child. And not just any other man, Dex’s best friend Marcus’s child. Marcus and Darcy try to make it work, but when everything falls apart and Darcy find herself jobless, friendless and in a fight with her family, she jets to London to stay with childhood friend Ethan. As she tries to retail therapy her problems away, Ethan gives her the reality check she needs. When Darcy finally takes responsibility for her life, things begin to change. As with Something Borrowed, I enjoy Emily Giffin’s writing style storyline, and I like that it’s not completely predictable.

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