Calling In Sick

The wonderful stomach virus that’s going around wrecked havoc on our house last week. And by wonderful I mean oh-God-please-make-it-stop awful. I’ll spare you the gory details, but it started with Buddy at 1 a.m., hit Sassafras about noon at day care (I love picking up the one who was healthy in the morning with the one who was home sick in tow – how do they manage to give you that “look” so well?), then hit me 2 days later.

When that happens, everything stops in its tracks. Dishes are undone, piles grow on the dining room table, laundry sits clean but unfolded, and activities are skipped. We switch from go mode to pause, only doing the essentials, and not even doing them well. My kids ate fast food 3 times that week, which made me feel like Parent of the Year, but but when your system is broken and one spouse is managing the whole show, something’s got to give.

Fortunately we all survived and my husband even managed to miss the virus entirely. Now there’s the matter of catching up, tackling some of those piles, and finally getting the laundry put away before I have to do another load.

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