A Crafty Halloween – Spider-Girl

I know exactly what I wanted Sass to be for Halloween – Goldilocks. I have a dress my mom made be when I was about her age that is blue with a white apron, and it was perfect. Which of course meant that she wanted to be anything but Goldilocks. One of these days I’ll learn that when I want her to do something, I should tell her I don’t want her to. Instead, I keep hoping she’ll agree with me. You can see how well that’s going…

We looked on Pinterest for costume ideas, and she settled on this Spider-Girl costume:

I honestly didn’t mind too much, because it’s not too “girly.” I liked that she picked something that’s actually a boy’s costume, with a girly twist. Ironically, with all of the costumes Buddy has had over the years, he never had a Spider-Man costume, so I hit Facebook and found a friend with a costume his boys had outgrown. A few bucks for some tulle, and viola! Spider-Girl!

Everyone loved her tutu and it was super easy to make. There’s lots of tutorials all over the web. I wish I’d had bought some more tulle to make it fuller, but Sass loved it just the same.

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