Crying… In Stereo

You know how sometimes everything is humming along, la la la, when one thing happens and it snowballs? I should have known something would go wrong as I drove down the street on a Monday morning in a good mood.

On our way to drop Sassafras off at day care, Buddy tripped and fell on the concrete steps. He usually bounces pretty good, so when he crumpled into a ball and started sobbing I knew it was bad. I rushed over (carrying a lunch box, sleeping bag and pillow pet) to help him. He wacked his shin against the cement quite hard. It was scraped, and is going to have a nice bruise, but didn’t break the skin (or a bone, for that matter).

We have exactly 5 minutes to get Sass dropped off and on our way before we start getting behind schedule, so I helped him up the stairs. He seemed to be OK, just crying still. At the top of the stairs I realize there’s more crying and look down to see Sass standing there in tears. Apparently my helping Buddy up the stairs while injured had her convinced I was abandoning her forever.

I proceeded to open the security door with one kid crying on each side. That’s a great way to make an entrance, especially on a Monday morning, don’t you think?

Once we got inside I had Buddy sit down while I got Sass situated. Usually she’s all “See ya, Mom!” with a hug and a kiss, but once she gets weepy it’s a much longer process. There were hugs, kisses, more hugs, more kisses, then the Clingon arrived. Meanwhile, my internal clock was ticking away, telling me that I’d better get a move on or we’re going to be seriously behind.

Then my morning’s savior walking in – Sass’ favorite teacher. At the sight of her my little girl calmed down and stopped clinging to me for dear life. It’s people like her that I am so thankful for.

Off the hall I went to get Buddy, still on the floor near the entrance. He had stopped crying and I checked his leg – A-OK. We jumped in the car and went on our way.

And we made it, phew. I’m hoping the evening goes better (or at least with less crying).

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