My Dancing Princess and TaeKwonDo Kid

Sassafras is my little dancer, and this year she took dance classes. It was a mix of ballet basics and dance staples. She loved it. Her little face was filled from ear to ear with the biggest smile the entire 30 minutes, every time. She giggled, twirled and danced with complete joy.

We didn’t plan to put her in dance, we planned to have her join her brother in TaeKwonDo. However, Sassafras was not quite ready. We tried to get her started, but the teacher wanted us to wait until she was a bit older. Instead, we put her in dance for a year. Soon she’ll don a while TaeKwonDo uniform and start punching instead of twirling.

I’m most looking forward to having Buddy and Sass work together. Buddy just passed his purple belt test, and at the end of testing his Grandmaster singled him out for his hard work and effort. He beamed, just barely outshining my face. I am so proud of him, I can’t properly express it. It’s wonderful to see your child work hard at something and accomplish a goal. What a wonderful lesson for him!

Now he’ll get to impart some of his wisdom onto his sister. I think the experience is going to be good for both of them.



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