Dealng with Stress. A Lot of It.

The past few weeks have been especially stressful. At least, I am full of tension and my friends are all “OMG, I can’t believe you’re not having a total nervous break down” so I guess that means I’m under a lot of stress.

Sometimes I’ll get through a stressful period, just making it day by day, moment by moment, then afterward I think “WOW, I can’t believe I just went through that. Intact.”

So, here’s a summary of my life as of late:

  • One of my good friends has cancer. It’s thyroid cancer, so she’s going to be OK, but it’s scary as hell. Also, I’ve been beating myself up for not being a better friend to her. She’s got two kids, ages 2 and just under 1. She had been asking me to get together with her and we try, then fail to make a date. So now I’m trying to be a Super Friend, which is what she needs and deserves. That’s what friends are for, right?
  • My daughter has been sick on and off for almost two weeks. She’ll be sick for a day or two, then fine, then it starts up again. I have been trying to work from home because my personal days are practically on the endangered species list and I’m going to the beach this summer, damn it. Working from home with a sick kid who needs waited on like a member of the royal family has been very taxing. Shifting from caregiver to employee constantly has my brain just fried.
  • I thought I found mold in my office, which completely freaked me out. It took a few days for someone to check it out. In the meantime I was completely convinced that the reason I’ve been sick 9 times in the past 7 months (yeah, that’s a LOT) and also very tired (much more than normal) is because I’ve been exposed to mold. Sitting at my desk wondering if I’m breathing mold (excessive amounts, at least) was making me very anxious. I have environmental allergies but I’ve never been tested, so I think I’ve got to do that now, because while the stuff I found is not mold, I think it might still be present.
  • Just as my stress level was sky high, my husband needed to be taken to the ER. He wasn’t feeling well and after a battery of tests, everything seems to be OK. However, just sitting there, wondering what was going on was very scary. By that point I was already mentally exhausted, and now I was emotionally exhausted too.

That’s all on top of the normal: TaeKwonDo, Cub Scouts, Sunday School, work, and general keeping-up-with-life stuff. I am hoping for a calmer weekend. I need a calmer weekend.

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