Disney Backpacks Kits

In preparation for our Disney World trip, I make the kids backpack kits. I used a simple drawstring pattern (I looked at several online, just Google “diy drawstring backpack”). The only alteration I made was to line it. To do that I simply added  half an inch to the measurements and cut out 2 outside and 2 inside pieces. The i places an inside and outside pieces right sides together and sewed the sides and bottom. I left the top open because it is hidden when making the casing for the cording. I turned them right side out, ironed them flat and followed the directions. The only think I didn’t need to do then was turn the edges inside.

I made Sassafras a princess bag and Buddy a Star Wars bag. I couldn’t find a Disney pattern that really worked for him. He’s outgrown Cars, is semi-outgrowing Toy Story and is not a huge Mickey fan. I figured since there is a Star Wars ride, it counted, and he’ll be more likely to use it after we get back.

Inside I added 2 kits: 1 for autographs and 1 for smashed pennies. Buddy has a great collection of pennies and I was excited to see that there are over 300 penny options in Disney World. Sass will be able to grow  collection as well. There’s also a passport-type Wallet that has an ID spot for their Disney cards, a spot that fits their penny passport, a zipper change compartment for their quarters and pennies, and a pen holder.

For the autograph kits, I bought a $1 4×6 photo album, 4×6 blank index cards, thick markers, stickers and a 6×8 clipboard. I replaced the front of the album with a customized cover (I took the photo before I added it). The kids can now get autographs on the index cards and put them in their albums. I went through out massive sticker collection and pulled out the Disney ones and stuck them in as well. I figured if the get Mickey’s autograph, they can then decorate that index card with Mickey stickers. I thought this might also help pass the time as they wait in lines or at meals. When we get home I’ll print photos of the kids with the characters and will be able to add them next to the autograph. I felt like this made the autograph book more special.

Wish us luck! The kids are also taking their first plane ride.

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