Disney, Ranked 14th by Interbrand, 1st in Hearts

Disney is the 14th ranked brand on Interbrand’s “Best Global Brands List,” noting that “the brand still has a unique ability to take a core idea, develop it through film and television, then extend the property into toys and merchandising, theme parks and resorts, DVD sales, and video games.”

Disney is synonymous with many words – the ones that come to my mind are quality, magic, and family. To a parent of young children, those are all important, but my love affair with Disney goes back to watching Snow White and the Seven Dwarves on the silver screen when I was young (I was completely terrified during the scene where the witch is running away in a lightning storm). I grew up when Disney added to its princess line-up with Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid, and Aladdin, and loved the movies and songs. I sold a LOT of hoagies to pay for two band trips to Disney World when I was in high school.

Disney has always been a source of fantasy and whimsy for me. I have very fond memories of running through Disney World with my friends during the previously mentioned band trips. In college, my husband and I bonded over our love of Disney and I took him on his first trip to Disney World in college. Fast-forward a few years, and our kids have, to the surprise of no one, grown up with a love of all things Disney as well. While I was very happy to take two trips to Disney World as a teenager, I didn’t get the opportunity to enjoy the magic as a child, and I was determined to give my children this experience.465245_3582433047842_1823676648_o

Two years ago my Disney dream came true when my family went to Disney World. My children were the perfect age – my son was eight and my daughter was four. They were wide-eyed and amazed. I cried the entire time, beginning with the first morning as we stood outside of Magic Kingdom and watched Mickey Mouse and company open the park, at every evening show, while my daughter met Disney princesses, and when my son fought Darth Vadar and became a Jedi Knight. I lived every moment through them and loved it.

473352_3608957670941_1148132601_oWhile it was the most expensive vacation we’ve ever been on, required more planning, and I had to keep us on a schedule, it was wonderful because Disney gets it. They understand that they need to deliver and what they need to deliver. From friendly cast members (aka staff), to spotless facilities, they truly make the experience magical. While I needed a vacation to recover from our vacation, I’ve never been so exhausted and happy in my life (except perhaps when my children were born, but it’s a close call).

Our family continues to love Disney movies and my kids frequently mention our trip. We’re all anxiously looking forward to visiting Disney World again, where I expect the trip will be even better!

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