Diversification in Marketing – Too Many Options?

One of the biggest problems in marketing today is the diversification of marketing. Added to traditional channels of print (newspaper, magazine, etc.), direct mail, billboard, radio, and TV, are newer channels of websites, online ads, and emails, and even more recently mobile marketing, apps, and enough social media platforms to make a marketer want to hide his or her head in the sand.

Sometimes choice isn’t good. Not only do marketers have many more choices today than ever before, consumers have t sift through more messages than ever. The clutter has become overwhelming, with consumers exposed to as many as 5,000 messages a day, compared to 500 in the 1970s.



Marketers are left trying to create the best messages possible and deliver them on the right channels in the right way. One misstep, and the Internet can explode with fury. This is why we’re seeing established companies like Gap, Oreo, and Kitchen Aid make mistakes. Simply Google “social media tips for brands” and you will get 63,200,000 results, and I guarantee you will find conflicting information.

On the flip side, the number of avenues available for marketers allow smaller companies to have a voice that were previously only available to big companies with large marketing budgets. Today, content is king, and small brands in some ways have an advantage at being genuine and connecting with its target audience than larger brands.

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