DIY Christmas – Corner Bookmarks

In my last post I showed you the cupcakes ornaments I made for Sassafraas’s teachers, but I needed something else for Buddy’s teachers. When I counted there were about 15, so it needed to be something simple, but not holiday themed because not all of his teachers celebrate Christmas. I found these corner bookmarks and I knew it was perfect – small, easy to make, low cost and usable:

Here’s 4 that I made, there are 4 more at the end of the post.

Corner Bookmarks

Cardstock (I used colored, textured scrapbook paper)
Coordinating scrapbook paper
Stamp pads

Cost: $10 (I only had white card stock and solid paper at home so I decided to pick up something more fun. I used about 6 sheets to make 15, and I have tons left over.)
Cardstock: $5
Scrapbook paper: $5

Cardboard (for template)
Double sided tape

I’m not going to repeat the tutorial since I followed it closely. I didn’t do any embellishing, just stamped “read” on each of the bookmarks. I made this in 2 nights and didn’t have a lot of time to do more, but might experiment on different embellishments in the future.

Corner Bookmarks

We put them on a half sheet of cardstock that Buddy decorated for each of his teachers. They loved them!

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