DIY Christmas – Cupcake Ornaments

I was looking for a fun project to make for my kids’ teachers when I came upon this tutorial for cupcake ornaments:

They’re perfect for Sassafras’s teachers. I like to keep the costs down, and for this one the essential item was white ornaments, which for some reason where hard to find. I finally found some at Goodwill, one pack for $1 and one for $2! Score!

Cupcake Ornament

White ornaments
Small red ornaments
Cupcake liners

$3 white ornaments (found at Goodwill)
$1 small red ornaments (for a pack of 16 at the Target dollar section)
$2 cupcake liners (I have a bunch left over)
$4 glitter

Foam brush
Hot glue gun
Hot glue
2 plastic cups
2 plastic spoons
Paper plate

Cupcake Ornament Supplies

I mixed red and silver glitter and used the small red ornaments instead of styrofoam balls (per the tutorial above), which saved me a good bit of money.

I took off the tops and glued the ornaments into the liners, with the top down in a corner, then I glued the liner to the ornament. I mixed ModgePodge and Glitter, being sure to only use half of my glitter so I had the rest for later.

Ornaments in Liners

Each ornament got “icing” made from the glitter and ModgePodge mix.

ModgePodge-Glitter Icing

After each ornament got the “icing” treatment, I covered it with glitter over a paper plate so I could dump the extra back into the cup.

Adding Glitter

Once these dried I glued the red ornaments/cherries on top.

Cupcake Ornaments

And viola! Cupcake ornaments! I think they turned out super cute. My total cost was $10 for 14, and I have glitter and cupcake liners left over for future projects. I hope Sass’s teachers will really like them.

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