DIY Christmas – T-Shirt Scarves

My hubby and I recently went through our clothes and we had a stack of t-shirts that I knew I could up-cycle. I found this tutorial for 10 different kinds of t-shirt scarves and knew I hit the jackpot!

I ended up using this spaghetti scarf tutorial:

Here’s 2 of the scarves I made.

T-shirt Scarves single color

T-shirt (one that you aren’t going to use any more, because it’s going to get cut)
Leather (or leather-like) fabric (optional)

Cost: $0 (I had the t-shirts and the leather-like material from Buddy’s Luke Skywalker costume)


These were really easy. I decided to use the leather-like material to tie it together, but you can also use the t-shirt fabric, which is what’s in the tutorial. I like the look of the leather-like fabric.

I also decided to make a duel color scarf using blue & gold (our school colors). I followed the same insrtuctions, except I cut 2 of the scarves in half and combined them. It still makes 2 scarves from 2 t-shirts.

T-shirt scarf two colors

I see black and gold scarves in my future! These were really easy. The hardest thing is cutting the fabric – hand cramps! I really like the look of them and love the cost even better!

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