Duck Tape + Pittsburgh + Football = Social Media Gold

Yes, you read that headline right. What does Duck Tape, Pittsburgh, and football have to do with social media? Local advertising agency Brunner used the national championship game to tie in their client Duck Brand tape. It may seem like a strange idea, but it makes sense – Duck Brand tape is based out of Ohio, giving it a connection to Ohio State University. The University of Oregon Ducks connection is pretty obvious. And the company sells both OSU and UO branded tape, so they have the perfect visuals.

I love these posts! The duck tape football and black-and-white referee are adorable. i’m not a huge football fan, but I love these – they appeal to more than football fans, but also to crafters. Great job, Brunner!

Enjoy Some of the Tweets and Vine Videos

Celebration Time!

Final Score



Streaker on the Field!

That last one made me giggle (hee).

Take a look at all of the posts at @TheDuckBrand and read more about it in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Brunner tackles game-time marketing blitz.

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