Dumb Ways To Die

This is not a suggestion, mind you. This week my class looked at campaigns that showed consistency across media, and I chose Dumb Ways to Die, which is a campaign that began as a video to promote train safety for Australia’s Metro Train.


The campaign has been extended to a variety of formats:

Interactive App


Print Ads

 dumbways dumbways1 dumbways7dumbways2 dumbways3 dumbways4 dumbways5 dumbways6   





iTunes Song



Every piece of the campaign includes the same cute characters who meet their demise in surprisingly adorable ways. The campaign has been hugely successful, receiving 71 million YouTube views in 15 months. The characters each die in a very creative way, and those deaths are also portrayed consistently in each element. The characters are really the heart of the campaign, and they are relatable as well.

What do you think? Do your kids love this app as much as mine do? And will you ever be able to get that song out of you head?

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