Facebook Timeline is Here for Pages

Facebook pages have started rolling out timeline. We’re all familiar with timeline on our profile pages, and I’m excited that it’s coming to pages.

When you login to Facebook and go to a page you’re an admin of, you’ll see a notification that your page will be switched to timeline on March 30. You also have the opportunity to preview timeline, and, if you want, publish it now.

I suggest you check it out and play around with it before publishing. Like your profile’s timeline, pages now have a feature image that visitors will see when they go to your page. You can also set features to highlight at the top of the page, including photos,videos,  fan count, YouTube, and Twitter. Four are visible, with the option to have 4 more available in a drop down.

Below the feature image you’ll find the timeline. It’s split so that posts are on the right and interactions are on the left. The interactions are personalized to the user and will show interactions between the page and you and your friends at the top, then the page’s likes and other interactions below. Facebook seems to be trying to make each experience as personalized as possible. It’s all about “engagement!”

When an admin visits the page, above the feature image are Facebook’s insights. These include any recent interactions on your page. You can easily hide it if you’d like to see how the page looks to everyone else.

One of the nicest features is the ability to make a post a feature – which makes the post as wide as the page, instead of in the left column – or pinning it to the top (not to be confused with pinning it on Pinterest). While these are only good for visitors who come to your page, it’s nice to have some customization.

Have you found any features useful for your pages? I’d love to hear about them.

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