Facebook at Work – Brilliant or Super Creepy?

Facebook recently announced a new social networking platform called FB@Work. It takes the popular social media platform and applies it to create a private company social network. You can read all about it on TechCrunch: Facebook Unveils Facebook At Work, Lets Businesses Create Their Own Social Networks.


On one hand, there is a certain brilliance to this strategy. Practically everyone is already on Facebook, so the audience already has an account and knows how to use it. That means FB@Work will require little training, and since Facebook is popular, it might be easier to get employees to actually use it.

As an employee, I would have concerns about my private life and work life merging in ways that I don’t necessarily want. Facebook has addresses these by making separate work and personal  accounts. They can be connected, but employees have no access to personal information.

But is this super creepy? Is it a good idea to allow Facebook to not only know everything about our personal lives, but also about our work lives too? We all know that once something is posted on Facebook, they own it. Does that mean they also own all of your employer’s information too once it is posted on Facebook? And even though they claim employers would never have access to your personal information, we all know there have been many “oops” moments. Companies may also have concerns about their information being available to other companies. Again, even though this isn’t “supposed” to happen, do we really trust Facebook?

Personally, I would be skeptical of this. My work and personal lives are intertwined so much already, I don’t really want to go merge them anymore than they already are. And even though the personal and work sides would be different, it’s a little too close for comfort for me.

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  • Kara Price commented on February 2, 2015 Reply

    Nah… I’m not a fan of having Facebook at work. Don’t get me wrong, I’m for having social media platforms on a corporate network to facilitate employee engagement and promote collaboration. But, Facebook? I agree with your concerns about them having access to my work preferences and information. Enough!

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