Favorite App: Where’s My Water?

I came across this neat game a few weeks ago while searching “Disney” in the App Market on my son’s Kindle Fire (a Christmas present from his grandparents, with some serious parental input). I was surprised because the app is totally not what you would expect from a powerhouse like Disney – in that there is not a Mickey, Princess, car or other such “celebrity” to be found.

It’s a simple concept – Swampy the alligator needs a shower and your job is to get the water from it’s source to the shower head by connecting the pipes. It starts out easy. First you mostly dig through dirt to make the water flow from Point A to Point B. As expected, it gets progressively more difficult. By the end I found myself completely mystified as to how to get the water from one part to another when it appeared impossible.

I might be a little partial to this game because my father (and his father) was a plumber, so maybe connecting pipes is in my blood. But I found it to be the right mix of challenging and entertaining. My husband and both of my kids like it (although it gets way too complicated for Sass). It’s worth the buck, though.

It’s also available in iTunes, so I have it on my iPad as well. I like apps that can be enjoyed by kids and adults, and this one fits the bill.

Disclaimer- Disney has no clue who I am, did not pay for this review and in no way compensated me for it. I just like the app.


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