Favorite Apps: Presidents vs. Aliens

If you’re looking for an app that your kids will love and makes you look like the best parent in the world, this is it. When Buddy asked me if he could buy this app for my iPad (pre-Kindle) I reluctantly agreed. Honestly, I thought an app called “Presidents vs. Aliens” would keep his interest for approximately .05 seconds. Boy, was I wrong!

The premise is similar to Angry Birds, except before you can play, you have to answer a multiple choice question about the Presidents (I’m being very typically American and assuming that everyone naturally knows that I’m talking about American Presidents). The question has 4 answers, all Presidents, represented by their portrait and name. If you get the answer right, you get to fling the President’s portrait into a bunch of alien heads with the goal of knocking them all down. This part gets more challenging as the game goes on.

Once you’ve killed all of the aliens, you get a President, which is added to your President board. The game is oddly addictive. I’ve also learned more about Presidents than I expected. The best part though, is that it makes you look brilliant. Buddy and I made the doctors rounds over break, right after we purchased this app. We spent much time waiting while playing this. The looks we got from those around us when Buddy asked me “Mom, do you think it’s Theodore Roosevelt or Andrew Jackson?” were priceless. People would eventually ask me what he was playing, and then they’d give me this sort of awed look. It was great.

Buddy even got my niece hooked on it, and when she got an iPod Touch for Christmas it was one of the first apps she got. I figure if they learn only one thing, it’s more than they knew before. However, Buddy has taken a real interest in the Presidents since playing this app. I love that he’s learning, practicing reading, and getting excited about our history.

Disclaimer: I was not compensated in any way for this review. We just really enjoy this app.

Buddy and I highly recommend this app. Just be prepared for weird looks, and not the ones you’re probably used to.

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