Favorite Apps: My Spelling Test

My son takes a spelling test every Friday. His teacher is great about posting his spelling words, between 10 and 15, on her classroom website, so I’m able to know what they are ahead of time. I was looking for an easy way to allow him tp practice that was also convenient – enter the iPad. He loves it and will use any excuse to use it.
I purchased the My Spelling Test app for $.99. There is also an iPhone and iPad Touch (2nd Generation or newer) version. It’s very easy to use. I create a new test, then add the words one by one. Each time I add the words I record myself saying the words. He goes in, selects the newest test, then spells the word he hears. The app tells him right then if he’s right or wrong, and if he’s wrong, shares the correct spelling. It is also case sensitive, which is great for proper words like the days of the week and months.
He does this in the car on the way to school. Once he’s finished his test he’s allowed to play whatever he wants. I often hear Battleship coming from the backseat after his test is over.
The app records the test, so I can check and see what words he had trouble with. Sometimes he will not capitalize the word (or does capitalize it when it shouldn’t be) and it’s marked wrong, but I can see he actually spelled it right. That gives me the opportunity to remind him which words need capitalization and which don’t.
One of the other things I like best about this is that it reenforces the spelling without him needing to write the words. Writing is a source of frustration for him. While it’s important, he writes the words out as part of his weekly homework, so I like having another way for him to practice. This app allows him to focus on spelling, not the handwriting.
I also like how flexible it is. I can put in as many tests as I want and add as many words as I want. I’m not limited to the words the app thinks I need.
It’s become a handy little app that’s quick to set up (5 minutes once a week) and is helping my son with spelling.

Disclaimer: I do not work for, nor am I receiving any compensation from Funflip Studios who created the My Spelling Test app. This is my opinion as a paying customer.

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