The Final Push – 6 Months To Go!

Tomorrow I start the last 6 months of classes at WVU. I’ll take two classes this spring term, and then the final capstone project in the summer. This is the longest stretch I’ve attempted, so I’m a little nervous – usually at the end of 18 weeks I’m fried, and now I’ll have 9 more to go – that’s 27 weeks of classes in a row!

I’m also very excited, and so are my kids. It hasn’t been easy on any of us, and I know they hate it when I tell them that I can’t do whatever because I need to do homework, so when I told them that I have only 3 classes left, they were ecstatic. Except, of course, for the fact that 6 months is a very long time away, so while the end is in sight for me, they just know that mom’s not going to be as available for the rest of the school year.

Despite the fact that it’s been an adjustment for them, it’s been a great lesson as well. They see that education never really stops. They see their mom juggling between work, home, and school. It’s been a challenge, but it is paying off. Perseverance is always a great example!

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