Finding Time For Me

Being a mom is not always easy. I love, love, love my kids, but there are days when I’d like nothing more than to take a vacation. By myself.

I’ve been struggling with finding Me Time. Time to destress and not be anything for anyone except me. I worked downtown for more than 10 years and, as much as I didn’t like the time it took to get to and from work, I really enjoyed the bus ride. It was my time to just Be. When I switched jobs almost a year ago I lost that time. I gained a ton, so it was worth the trade off, but I am still adjusting to the loss of that time.

For example, I love to read. I have a number of magazines I subscribe to. I love books. But when I lost the bus time I lost my reading time. Now the magazines stack up. I’m so used to being on the go at home I find that I don’t sit and read (the “Mom, mom, mom” soundtrack doesn’t help either). But I’ve found that audio books are great and I’ve also started listening to some great podcasts. The magazines are easier to read, and I’m getting better at squeezing those in here and there.

The other thing I’m having a hard time with was very unexpected – spending more time with my kids. I was so excited that at this new job I would be getting home and hour and a half earlier, which is time I can spend with the kids. But in practice I’ve found that it’s time I spend making dinner, doing homework, running errands, cleaning, making lunches, all of those things that need to get done. I’m not spending quality time with the kids, which is what I wanted.

So I am making a better effort to do fun things with the kids, even if they’re small. Last night I played with Sassafras¬†with her dolls and dollhouse. We had a great time even though we only played for about 10 minutes before bedtime. I’m also learning to get the things that need done completed earlier, so that when I sit down and relax I don’t have to worry about it. Lunches are being made when I make dinner, clothes are being laid out when I put the kids to bed, backpacks are packed and THEN I can relax. I’m also trying to get to bed earlier, which is helping in the morning.

Hopefully I’ll get there. What do you do to relax and find time for yourself?

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