Girls’ Night Out

My daughter and I had our first Girls’ Night Out last night! I decided it was time to introduce her to the theater. There was a children’s dance show at the homecoming activities we went to a few weeks ago and she loved it. She sat for a half an hour without moving, completely enthralled. While I would have never taken by son at age 3, I thought she would be able to behave well enough at something similar.

I got tickets to a dance performance on Saturday evening. We both dressed up, I took her to Max & Erma’s for dinner, then off we went to the Lula Washington Dance Theatre. We had great seats, one row back, so she was easily able to see what was going on without being distracted. Because she show was set up in several shorter performances, I thought the format was appropriate for kids. She wouldn’t have to follow a storyline and, if she didn’t understand it she would at least be able to enjoy the music and dancers.

We had a great time! She sat mostly still and watched for an hour before getting fidgety. The only time I sort of wanted to bury my head was when, in between sets, in a quiet and dark theater, she farted. Machine gun farted – toot-toot-toot-toot-toot-toot-toot – it went on forever! I don’t think too many people heard, at least no one said anything.

So, other than the excessive gas, she was an angel. We left at intermission, as it was past her bedtime and I knew she wouldn’t last much longer. And since she was so well behaved, I thought I better count my blessings and high tail it out of there before she had a colossal meltdown and me, being 2 rows, center, from the stage, would have to get up and drag out my screaming kid – in front of everyone.

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