Go Outside and Play!

Today was beautiful. Be-A-U-Ti-Ful! It was the kind of day where you throw the kids out the door because you know these days are limited.

I had my niece and nephews today – that makes 5 kids total (my house turns into Romper Room these days). Hubby had to run to the store so I was on my own with them for about an hour. I decided to do a fall scavenger hunt – the kids each got a notebook and they drew pictures of a red leaf, an acorn, a pumpkin, a cat and an American flag, then we headed off to roam the neighborhood, notebooks and crayons  in hand.

It was fun to see who would find what first. Daughter spotted the first item – a red leaf – with a big squeal. This was followed by Son finding an acorn and Nephew 1 (age 5) finding an American flag. Son also spotted the pumpkin first. Unfortunately we never got the cat, but the kids had fun looking anyway.

Sometimes it’s the simple things – a walk with the kids on a beautiful fall day – that really make me appreciate my life and how much I enjoy these kids.

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