Google+: New Dad

This week I was tasked to find a video with an element of fiction that tells a good story. I choose a video about Google+, which is Google’s social network. The commercial “Google+: New Dad” tells the story of a man, his son, and his phone.

The main character in the story is the new dad, although the audience mostly hears his voice and the images are of his son, the new mom appears in a few photos. New dad tells about becoming a father and taking many, many photos of his son on his phone, and then losing his phone. Although he’s not upset about losing his phone, he is upset about losing all of the photos of his new son. And then he remembers that he uses Google+ to back up all of his photos, and Google saves the day!

I like this video because it shows exactly how the service works, and why someone would want to use it, without saying “here are the benefits of using our service” explicitly. The story is relatable to anyone, even if you don’t have kids. We all use our phones as cameras, and losing those precious photos can be devastating! I actually left my phone on the bus a few years ago and I was the most upset over losing photos of my kids (I was fortunate and it was returned).

Because of this assignment, and this video, I actually started backing up my iPhone photos on Google+. I guess the ad worked!

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