How Important is an “S?” – Steelers Nation or Steeler Nation

I was thinking about writing a post about on of my pet peeves when @JanePitt (AKA Pitt Girl, AKA Virginia) beat me to it. It’s the use of Steeler vs Steelers.

My argument, I was going to make, is that the team is the Steelers. With an “S” on the end. The Post Gazette used Steelers Nation and Virginia though that was wrong, it should be Steeler Nation. No “S.” An online argument ensued as only it an in Pittsburgh, with Yinzers arguing for and against the “S” on the end.

I feel that the ONLY time you can use Steeler is when you are talking about a player. Such as “Polamalu is the best Steeler.” However, when you are talking about the team in any way, it’s Steelers: “I’m going to a Steelers game.” See? Easy, right?

Well, it seems Virginia has come up with a point that I can’t argue against, one that I also noticed when the Steelers won the AFC Championship:

4. The Steeler Nation argument has been put to rest because while OFFICIALLY the Steelers organization has to use Steelers Nation because of their branding, during the trophy presentation Art Rooney, Franco Harris and Mike Tomlin all said Steeler Nation.

We’re done talking about this.

Shit. I was going with the brand, the official use of Steelers. But if Art Rooney, for heavens sake, says Steeler Nation, who am I to argue with that?

Plus, Virginia said it’s over, and I’ve seen what she’s done to Michelle AKA @BurghBaby.

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