“Hurry Up”

I admit that I tell my kids to “hurry up” now and then. Actually, there have been times when I’ve nearly yelled “Get OUT of the car!” when I’m dropping them off at the bus stop. What they are doing, I have no idea, but for some reason it takes them a zillion and one minutes to unbuckle their seat belts, grab their backpacks, open the door, and get out of the car. Meanwhile, there are 35 buses and other parents patiently waiting for me to get a move on. When a bus pulls in behind you, unloads 20 kids, then proceeds to go around you while you are still waiting for your 2 children to GET OUT OF THE CAR, well, you try not telling them to get their rears in gear.

Like all parents, I occasionally run short on patience. I do try, as we all do, to let my children be themselves, slow-pokeness and all, which is why this Huffington Post article peaked my interest: The Day I Stopped Saying ‘Hurry Up’. It’s a good lesson for all parents. As the saying goes, the days are long but the years are short. We live busy lives. My kids live a life much busier than I did as a child.

I promised myself when I was pregnant with my first that I would always enjoy my children at whatever stage they were in – I wouldn’t long for their younger days or wish they were older. Their younger days are fond memories that I do miss now and then, and their more mature days rapidly approach at every passing moment. But now, right now, is the time I have with them. That’s why I have a bucket full of every color of nail polish under the sun, a pile of board games, bookcases overflowing in every room, and more than 50 geocaches found. These are chances to spend time with my kids now.

I know they won’t be young forever, and sometimes I do wish I could revisit a moment in the past, just to experience the cuddling of my new baby or to hold their little hands as they learn to walk. But today, today I am going to pick my kids up from camp, go find a geocache, learn about their day, and plan for some weekend fun.

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