I. Hate. Floods.

When I was in second grade my mom’s best friend, and my best friend’s mom, died in a flash flood. I also grew up on the river and saw first hand the damage flooding does. So when it rains like it did over night and this morning, I am a nervous wreck.

However, I dutifully got into the car and went to work. It was not fun. I expected some standing water in certain places where it usually sits in heavy rain, but I’ve never seen it as bad as it was this morning. I was driving through puddles of water going UP HILL. I don’t even know how it was possible. When I was almost at work I had to drive through 6 inches of water stretching about 20 yards. I didn’t realize how much water there was until I was in it and committed. I was so happy to come out the other side OK.

I seriously considered going home when I walked into my office and there was a puddle of water next to my desk. Because my office is in the basement (sorry, lower level) I have water coming through the walls and puddling around me. Fortunately a few towels are keeping it manageable. I almost kept Buddy home because his bus takes Washington Boulevard, which likes to flood in normal rain. I even emailed the school to make sure his bus made it OK and was relieved when it did.

It has stopped raining for now and we’re nearing the end of the tornado watch (did these happen when I was a kid? I don’t remember ever having a tornado watch until I was in college) so I’m breathing a little easier. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I can get home.

Stay dry!

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