Keeping Entertained In the Doctor’s Office



As I write this I am sitting in the doctor’s office waiting to see if I have strep throat. Just the way I wanted to spend my day off!

I had to bring Sass with me since Daddy also has 2 doctor’s appointments today and is working in between. The afternoon’s appointment involves a hospital procedure, so I needed a few things to keep Sass occupied as we’ll be doing a lot of sitting.

I loaded my iPod touch with some new games for her and also downloaded a Lady GaGa album. Both of my kids love her, go figure.

We also brought her Disney Princesses lap messenger bag. It holds some crayons, coloring books, paper and stickers. It also has a white board, marker and eraser. So far she’s done a great job keeping herself busy with her bag. I expect the iPod will come out this afternoon at the hospital.

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