Kennywood Day!


Kennywood Day is one of those Pittsburgh traditions that you don’t really appreciate until you meet someone who didn’t grow up here. A few weeks ago another mom at Buddy’s school asked me what Kennywood Day was. My response? “You’re not from Pittsburgh, are you?” Me and a few other moms tried to explain it to her. To me, it was just “Kennywood Day.” Who doesn’t know what that is?

Last year was our first time taking the kids to Kennywood. We orders the school t-shirts and after the morning’s school activities, we headed to the park. Being the kids’ first time, they had no idea what to expect. We quickly found out that they love roller coasters, to my husband’s delight. Me? The Merry-Go-Round and the Kangaroo are more my speed. The Log Jammer is as adventurous as I get. I did ride the Jack Rabbit with them, but I was so dizzy afterwards I sat on the sidelines while my 7 and 3 year-olds went on repeated rides. As you can imagine, I was tons of fun in school. Let’s just say that I’m really good at waiting for my friends to get off rides.

This year the kids knew just what they were in for, and they were so excited. Buddy had plans to ride the Sky Rocket and the Black Widow (which, as it turns out, wasn’t open yet, which was fine with me). This year we had the added fun of my mother-in-law, brother-in-law, future sister-in-law and her niece and friend coming with us (that wasn’t sarcasm, by the way, I actually really love my in-laws and was glad they could be there with us).

Here’s what happened: we arrived, Buddy and his dad went on the Sky Rocket while my MIL, Sass and I went on the Kangaroo. Then we met up with the rest (they arrived before we did). We walked through the park and stopped at the bumper cars. At this point, we were seeing school friends left and right. Sass wasn’t tall enough for the Bumper Cars, so we waited, then continued walking. We ended up at the Phantom’s Revenge. Again, Sass wasn’t tall enough, and I wouldn’t ride it for a million dollars (well, maybe a million dollars, but not a penny less), so she and my MIL waited. See? I’m good at waiting. I watch bags like nobody’s business.

At this point Sass was not happy, so we headed to Kiddy Land (which she thinks is called Kitty Land and last year asked me if we could go to Cat World – it took me a minute to figure that one out). And that’s where I gleefully spent the rest of my day, with the exception of when Buddy, my hubby and future SIL rode the Sky Coaster. Otherwise, it was me, Sass, Kiddy Land, a bunch of her future kindergarten classmates and their parents.

Buddy had a blast. He met up with a bunch of friends over the day and rode every scary, fast, twirling and vomit-inducing ride there was. He was in complete heaven. I got funnel cake and did not have to ride anything except the Kangaroo, the best ride in Kennywood, so I was happy. Sass made new friends and rode every ride in Kiddy Land repeatedly, so she was happy. My husband and the rest of our crew had a great time. The video of my future SIL screaming on the Sky Coaster and my daughter yelling to her from the ground “STOP SCREAMING!” pretty much made my day.

Overall, another successful Kennywood Day!

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