Kennywood —>

I have never, ever visited Kennywood twice in one summer before. We went for our school picnic, and that was it. My kids are so spoiled! We lucked out and my husband’s coworker had 4 Kennywood tickets he wasn’t going to be able to use and offered them to my husband the Monday we started our vacation. Is that good timing, or what?

Buddy and Sass at Kennywood

The kids were really excited to spend another day in Kennywood, and so was I. While I love the fun that school picnics in the park brings – bumping into friends and meeting up throughout the day – I was looking forward to just being together this time. Unfortunately, Jonathan couldn’t join us. This is a problem because Sass isn’t big enough to ride most of the rides Buddy likes. OK, fine. I hate those rides too. Anything that spins and twirls and dips makes me sick. I envisions me and Sass spending half the day waiting for Buddy to get off rides and the other half dragging Buddy through Kiddyland. Not fun for anyone, really.

Me and Buddy on the Train

I racked my brain for someone who would be able to come with us and enlisted my future sister-in-law (Jonathan’s brother is marrying one of the best women I’ve ever met). She instantly agreed and, because she’s an ER nurse, had Thursday off. She brought her niece, so for the cost of gas, Potato Patch fries and a funnel cake, we had an awesome day.

Autumn and Me on the Kiddy Turtles

I rode more rides than I have the past two years combined. It was so much fun, and I’m so thankful we were given this great day together!

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