What Kind Thing Did You Do Today?

This is what Sassafras now asks me every day as I pick her from day care. As soon as we get settled in the car, she starts her inquiry. She gleefully regales the kind things she’s done that day and we each take our turn sharing.

It didn’t start out that easily, but the kids quickly caught on. Once we started brainstorming kind things we can do for others, they really got excited.

I’m sort of amazed at how quickly they have started finding ways to be kind. This morning Sass told her brother he was great and she loved him, then when we got home she insisted on carrying his backpack into the house for him (on her back, even though it’s almost as big as she is).

I think the best is how they are realizing ways they were being kind without knowing it. On Thursday I asked Sass what she had done to be kind that day and she couldn’t come up with anything. That evening I had her parent-teacher conference and her teacher told me about how that day she was sitting on a bench when another child wanted to sit there, so she gave up her seat. When I told her about it later, she had forgotten. It was great seeing her little mind recognize that she had done something nice for someone else without realizing it.

So far they love the project, and I do too. It’s been fun finding little ways to make someone else’s day a little better.

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