The Kindness Project Continues

Our family’s Lenten project of doing a kind thing everyday has continued. It’s so much fun coming home and asking the kids what they’ve done to be kind today. They still enjoy it, and it’s become almost a habit at this point, one that I hope continues.

The biggest difference I’ve noticed with my kids is that they take the time to say something kind to someone else. I’ve heard them turn to one another and say “You’re a great brother/sister. I love you.” They’ve also told me that I’m a great mom. While I know it’s because I’ve sort of prompted them to do it, it’s nice that they actually do it. Who doesn’t like it when your kid tells you you’re great, followed by a hug?

They’ve also taken to doing nice things for each other. When we’re getting out of the car Sass will insist on carrying her brother’s backpack (which is quite hilarious because it’s almost as big as she is, but she insists!) or Buddy will carry her lunch bag. We all know how the sibling dynamic often works, what with the bickering and fighting – there have been many days when I say “that’s not how we talk to each other” more than once (and other days when the same sentiment comes out louder and shorter). Even if the only thing they learn from this is to be nicer to each other, I will be thrilled.

They do, however, seem to be learning that it’s fun to be nice to other people. Buddy told me he likes doing it because it makes him feel good, not because he’s making the other person feel good. It warmed my heart to hear him say that, and hopefully it will stick with him.

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