Our Libraries Rock!

I am a huge fan of our library. We are lucky in Pittsburgh to have a great library system, and we use ours all the time. I love, love, love books, and I’ve recently discovered audio books and ebooks, all of which can be checked out from the library. What, you didn’t know that? It’s an amazing option in addition to the books, videos and CDs that we regularly borrow.

Borrowing digital books is easy. If you live in Allegheny County, simply visit www.carnegielibrary.com and click on Books, Downloads and More. You’ll need to select a provider – I use OverDrive. Use your library card to login – this is different from your regular login that you use to reserve and review your account. Browse books – both eBooks and audio books are available. Be sure you’re getting the type you want. If you have an iPod, an ebook is going to be hard to read, and if you have an iPad an audio book may not work best for you. Books can also be read and listened to from your computer. Each book shows you what type of device it is compatible with, so be sure to check that the book you want will work with your device.

If a book is currently checked out it can be added to your wish list and you’ll receive an email when it’s available. They can be checked out 7, 14 or 21 days and are automatically checked back in at the end of that time period – that means no more late fees! When a book is ready, move it to your cart and download it to your computer. You’ll need to download the program’s free software first. Once the book has been downloaded you’ll need to transfer it if you want to read it on a mobile device.

In addition to checking items out on the computer, I also use the Overdrive app on my iPad. I can browse, checkout and download directly to my iPad without needing to sync to my computer. The only exception I’ve found so far is a Kindle book. I can still read it using the Kindle app, but  need to sync it to my computer first.

I’ve found that I like to read fiction by audio book. It allows me to do housework and other mundane things while being entertained. Non-fiction books, such as professional development books, I tend to read by ebook so I can focus on them better.

I’ve now got my husband downloading audio books to listen to during his commute. I’m excited to see how he likes them.I know he wants to read more, but his time is so limited. It will be great for him to get some reading in during his drive (of course, by audio only – no ebooks while driving!).

I suggest you take some time to visit your library from the comfort of your own home, download a book or two. Happy reading!

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