Lightning Strikes

I had the unfortunate experience of driving in yesterday’s storm. I don’t like driving in that kind of weather but I had to pick up Son from his bus stop. Since Daughter and I were home sick she came along, which on a normal day wouldn’t be so bad, but in the middle of a lightning storm? Not fun. At. All. We managed to take cover in a building until the bus came, and we were lucky that it died down long enough to collect Son and get to the car. Then, it was like God turned up the volume. And we were right in the middle.

I was very nervous, there was lightning everywhere and I just wanted to get home safely. I called Hubby when It happened. I saw lightning strike. Literally. Right in front of me. It hit about 15-20 feet away on the left side of the street. A bolt of lightning came out of the sky, hit a tree or something, I saw a huge white flash and sparks. I slowed down (while freaking out, mind you), to see if a tree branch, or worse, a telephone pole and wires, were going to crash in front of us (or on top of us). And thank God (Dear God, THANK YOU) nothing happened. We drove on by toward home.

Except that nothing happened isn’t really true. Inside the car it was pandemonium. I was freaking out, terrified for my children. Son saw the lightning strike and started crying, scared that we were going to get hit by lightning. Daughter started crying because, well, me and Son were scaring the crap out of her.

Hubby talked to Son and convinced him that the car was a safe place (and it is, relatively speaking).  I pulled my stuff together and got Daughter calmed down. Soon they were sort of chanting “The car is a safe place, the car is a safe place” in between requesting that we be home instantly.

We were a few minutes from our house and made it home, at which point they both refused to leave the safety of the car. I was stuck in a car at the Shuman Center (due to Hubby’s job at the time) when the tornado hit Washington Boulevard, within about 100 yards of where I was sitting, so I did NOT want to wait this event out on the car. So, one at a time, I got the kids into the safety of the house.

I am now convinced that my hair will come in gray.

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