#LikeAGirl For The Win!

I watched the Super Bowl with my kids, and after Alway’s Like A Girl commercial, I asked my daughter what it meant to run like a girl.

You run. And you’re a girl.

Perfect answer. There are days in every parent’s life when they wonder if they’re doing the right thing. Yesterday, I knew I was doing something right, at least!

I love this commercial. It’s so eye-opening. So many people are in denial in our society about the stereotypes women face every day. This commercial did a wonderful job of bringing this issue to light in a real, honest way. The phrase “like a girl” has truly become something that indicates weakness. But really, women are amazingly strong. I remember after I gave birth to Buddy I felt like I could do anything!

Sass has recently begun watching a new show on Nick called Bella and the Bulldogs. It’s about a Middle School football team whose new quarterback is a girl. While it reeks a bit of your typical kid TV show, it’s a great message, especially compared to a lot of the drivel that’s out there.

What I like about it is that Bella truly loves football, but she’s also girly. She doesn’t need to be a tomboy to like football. The show is pretty honest about the boys not wanting a girl on their team. Bella earns their respect by playing well. She has ups and downs, and while her problems are neatly resolved in a half an hour, the issues are realistic.

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