I Love It When Native Pittsburghers Make It Big

About two years ago I started watching the HBO show True Blood and I utterly love it. I’ve read most of the books by Charlene Harris that the show is based from, and while the books are better (aren’t they always), they don’t have the, um, visuals of the TV show (this is where I admit that I adore Alexander Skarsgard and am reduced to a fangirl when he appears on any of my screens).
But Alexander Skarsgard is not from my beloved hometown of Pittsburgh (he’s from Sweden). I was delighted when I discovered that Joe Manganiello, who plays werewolf Alcide on True Blood, is a native Pittsburgher. In fact, we graduated from high school the same year. Which means, in my mind, that it’s entirely possible that our high school football teams played against each other and I, drill team dancer extraordinaire, watched him play on the field. At least, that’s what happened in my mind (although I’m fairly certain our schools never played against each other – but let’s agree not to tell my fantasy, m’kay?).
As I was on Twitter last night I saw this tweet from my most favorite werewolf-playing Steelers fan:


It’s the perfect Pittsburgh moment at Primanti Bros. I just love this so much. I love it when anyone from Pittsburgh “makes it.” I love it even more when they come back home. And I love that Joe went to Primanti Bros. because that what you DO when you’re in Pittsburgh.

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